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Employment Blues: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Shades of Layoffs

Every candidate dreams of making it big in the career they choose. However, the increasing number of layoffs in almost every industry is taking everyone by surprise. There was a time when organizations across India were chasing candidates though they were still in the final year of their graduation. Industry analysts speculated that the situation of hiring across companies would be grim post pandemic. However, everyone are left in a baffling state of mind with almost every company is firing their employees in large numbers in recent times showing the occurrence of a possible recession in 2023 as the reason.

Multiple Facets of Layoffs – Every Professional MUST Be Aware

Getting laid off is no longer a scary thing to consider by the professionals these days.  By now, almost everyone is prepared enough that the position they hold in a firm is not a permanent one and their place cannot be taken for granted. What are the good, the bad, and the ugly shades of layoffs amidst all these occurrences on the recruitment front.

The Good

Every professional (be it a developer, a designer, or even a manager) is on the vigil thinking that their number could be next. Some get upskilled, some get cross-trained, and some even prepare for the worst to consider come what may. Though this benefits employees as they get to enhance their current skill levels, it does a world of good to the organizations as well because they can expect higher productivity with better quality.

  • Groom your professional skills to showcase your worth.
  • Join a team that was alien to you before courtesy cross training.

The Bad

Laying off an employee is certainly not a positive sign to consider, be it the organization or the employee. From the employer’s perspective, the future of their employees is being made insecure resulting in their own growth getting hampered eventually. A well-performing professional gets dejected because of losing a job for no fault of his/her. Dealing with the situations in the aftermath would be a different ball game altogether.

  • Deal with the psychological, financial, and social pressures due to the abrupt loss of your job.
  • Wait longer till you find a matching job, which might take a few weeks or even months.

The Ugly

Jobs in the marketplace play a cat and mice game with an employee and a recruiter. For instance, a professional who has been searching for a job for a long time might not be available in the niche of time when a recruiter contacts. Similarly, a position that you were eyeing in an organization as a qualified and experienced professional might give you a slip for one or the other reason.

  • Employees – The collapse of a highly rewarding career with no hopes for the near future.
  • Employers – The fall of a rapidly growing business leaves no scope for immediate recovery.

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