Hire Top FinTech Talent in India: Strategies & Best Practices

FinTech Recruitment: Whom to Hire and What Sources to Look Into

FinTech recruitment is regarded as a specialized process implemented by a recruitment agency in India for organizations pertaining to the FinTech domain. The biggest challenge for any FinTech recruiter is to hire a skilled FinTech professional from a database of talented candidates. Also, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration such as salary and experience. Irrespective of the experience a candidate possesses, the salary set for FinTech profiles by the Indian companies is in the range of ₹6,00,000 to ₹11,00,000. However, organizations are willing to pay more if there is an urgent need and if they find a suitable candidate.

Hiring Candidates in the FinTech Industry: A Process Overview for Organizations

More and more freshers are seeking a career in the FinTech sector because of the ample opportunities available to them. Organizations need to turn this to their advantage in order to hire the right talent at the right time. Given below are some of the requirements to be considered.

PROFESSIONALS for Hire in FinTech Sector

Screening candidates requires focusing not only on the experience and qualifications they got but also on the certification they possess. Some premier institutes in India offer Global Professional Certificate in Financial Technology Courses for students seeking a long-term career in the domain.

Offering internships to freshers for the roles of FinTech Data Engineer, FinTech Development Lead and others is worthy as well for organizations who prefer starting on a low note. This option of internship is rewarding to candidates as well who get to choose various career options within the FinTech industry related to Compliance, Credit Risk, Data Science, Analytics, and more.

SOURCES of Recruitment for FinTech Companies

Promising recruitment firms implement certain sets of standards before hiring a FinTech professional for an organization. For example, such firms are known to determine whether a candidate would fit the organization culturally and ideologically as well.

Though an executive search firm is capable of sourcing the right profile of a candidate when it comes to FinTech recruitment, the organizations can even look into their social media handles as well. The chances are greater that the post published in relation could be liked or reposted by someone looking for an immediate job in the Financial Technology industry.

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