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How GOOD is Pharma Industry for Employers and Employees

Drug Research and Medicine Marketing are a few facets of the pharma industry that are growing by no leaps and bounds. There are several others such as Clinical Auditing, Medical Diagnosis, Regulatory Compliance, Alternative Medicine, and Healthcare Insurance without which it is impossible to imagine and lead normal life. So, all of them leave a few questions to be answered in the recruitment sector.

  • CANDIDATES – How are the career options for freshers and experienced?
  • EMPLOYERS – Are there skilled professionals available in the market to meet the requirements?

Though there is news about layoffs everywhere, there are lucrative offers for candidates in the pharmaceutical industry – a good sign to consider. At the same time, there are a greater number of healthcare companies looking to hire skilled professionals for various roles requiring Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and more.

How to make Inroads?

Pharmaceuticals is one industry that will always be in the progressive mode. For candidates, there are exciting job opportunities available but finding and grabbing them will be a challenge. Similarly, it is not going to be easy for business leaders to find, hone and retain professionals with the right skills.

  • Candidates

Applying for a pharma job requires the candidates to do a certain amount of research. If you are a Full Stack Developer, it is necessary to understand what technologies are most preferred in the pharma companies. This makes it easier for you once you get onboarded by one or the other company.

  • Employers

Professionals with common skill sets capable of delivering in an IT company are not the ones Talent Acquisition Specialists would be looking at. The focus would be on someone who could adapt to the requirements, implementations, and challenges in a healthcare or pharma company. Perhaps, the preference is given even to freshers who show a lot of promise.

Jobs Available in the Pharma Sector

Here are the jobs that candidates must be looking for whenever applying in a pharma or healthcare company.


AI Engineer is the most common job role in the technical segment being preferred for recruitment by most of the healthcare firms. As the role itself is diverse in nature, it is difficult to determine the exact roles and responsibilities. However, the most common responsibilities include:

  • Developing a workflow for developing medicines and discovering drugs.
  • Speed up and improve drug development activities.


Data Analyst role ensures proper Clinical Records Management can never be undermined. For instance, the surveillance of drug intake in the case of a patient over a certain period will help in improving health standards significantly. The responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring different data records pertaining to patients for future requirements.
  • Organizing and classifying clinical data to save time and improve quality.

Also, there are frequent job roles that not only offer good pay but also guarantee a bright career as well.

Sales Representative

Research Scientist

Pharmacy Manager  
Biotechnology Consultant

Database Administrator

Medical Writer  

Spectraforce iRecruit specializes in Pharma Recruitment with a team of recruiters dedicated to the Healthcare process alone. Our talent acquisition process has helped many a medical company maintain its productivity intact and improve the quality standards as well. We balance the candidates as well as the employers by keeping them informed about the latest trends in the recruitment industry for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.

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