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Recruitment Conversion Rates: How a Hiring Agency can Increase them?

A recruitment conversion rate helps you take informed decisions to improve the quality of hiring. Have you ever wondered how focusing upon the candidate selection process will impact your RoI (Return on Investment)? That’s exactly where your recruiting metrics will play a crucial role. Every organization invests huge amounts of time, money, and manpower to procure the right talent for their current and future needs. Hiring more candidates from the available lot, be it an internal database or job board, will improve your conversion rate of candidates’ recruitment. Seasoned recruiters have their own strategies in place to ensure that the rate is maintained progressively.

Here are some steps to be taken to improve or up your conversion rates whenever hiring professionals.

Rely on Proven and Credible Hiring Resources

Hiring a candidate for a specific job role requires a recruitment team or individual hirer to do a lot of research. Firstly, the channels for procuring the profiles must contain updated resumes of professionals. Secondly, the willingness of a candidate joining a company or accepting an offer matters as well. For instance, if the number of candidates not interested in your job offer are more than half the number you have selected, then it impacts your overall conversion rates of recruiting.

  • Internal Employee Referrals
  • Campus Recruitment Drives

Create a Comprehensive Recruitment Platform for Transparency

Believe it! Your job is half done when you maintain a transparent approach during each phase of recruitment right from the onset. Perhaps, you may never even need to feel concerned about the recruiting conversion rates as well. Modern-day recruitment agencies in India are known to rely on a hiring software backed by a process automation methodology for this purpose. Though the initial intent was to save time and efforts of a recruiter, it has been gradually worked towards getting a better rate too.

Arya AI is a smart Automation Intelligence tool that is known to serve recruitment agencies and hiring specialists alike with its suite of candidate engagement tools besides the ones for sourcing and recruiting.

ATS-integrated sourcing tool

Cost-effective recruitment solution

Faster fetching from multiple sources

Things to Remember

  • Relying on all the resources available for a better interview conversion rate has to be avoided always. Even the way a recruiter conducts the initial screening process too plays a major role in deciding the conversion rates.
  • Different recruitment metrics are obtained based on the number of candidates interviewed and selected, the kind of job role available, and most importantly, the interview process.
  • Maximum candidate conversions in a recruitment drive are a result of calculated approach layered on top of best quality resources available for hiring.
  • Contrary to the better conversion rate, you will yield a declining rate of recruitment conversions because of poorer process execution, irrelevant selection concept, and others as such.

Spectraforce iRecruit has decent candidate conversion rates owing to the ample care taken by the team of recruiters during interviews and drives. Our interview panels conduct rigorous selection processes pan India across college campuses with the recent one being at ICFAI Tech School in Hyderabad. Are you looking for suitable candidates for your open job roles? Let us know your requirements so that we can assist you better.

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