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We help organizations make more informed hiring decisions by delivering the best talent, using our people intelligence, powered by disruptive technology and a cognitive engagement model with an intuitive human touch.

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In a world where organizations are blindly using Al based tools to manage human resources tasks, our iRecruit platform bridges the gap by combining intuitive Al with the lost art of human connection. The result? A cohesive smooth hiring process. It is built on the strength of humans and machines to realize the full potential of Al.

hiring efficiency with iRecruit

iRecruit allows you to comb through millions of candidate profiles and identify the best fit for the designation.

  • Achieve high-quality hires
  • Reduce the true cost of quality hires
  • Gain market intelligence using the global insights module
  • Reduce 11th-hour dropouts using the cognitive engagement platform
  • Minimize early attrition by adopting the transparent engagement model
  • Scale quickly and effectively by engaging the extensible platform and process


Years in Business


Global Offices


Fortune 1,000 Clients


Annual Placements

Get the 'DISQ' advantage


  • Client onboarding
  • Recruitment gathering with cognitive engagement


  • Automated sourcing with Arya’s People Intelligence AI
  • Qualify Applicants
  • Candidate Experience using cognitive engagement model


  • Submission and Interview management
  • Documentation and offer process
  • Pre onboarding engagement
  • Candidate onboarding

Quality Check

  • Post onboarding follow-up
  • Satisfaction survey

Industries Served


We’ve built a strong vertical expertise by partnering and servicing many Blue Cross Blue Shield companies and key Insurance and Healthcare providers nationally.

Fintech Services

We cater to major Banking and Financial firms within Retail, Investment, Federal and Commercial Banking space.

Energy + Utilities

We service several energy and utilities companies, including Oil & Gas, Energy services, Utilities, and Petroleum refining businesses.


We provide tech talent for a broad spectrum of large publicly traded Technology firms within Gaming, Social Media, Networking, SaaS, Device and Open Source software providers.


We source and provide Technology and Professional talent globally for major Automotive companies.

Life Sciences

We service Life Sciences companies in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotechnology space by providing SOW, Master Vendor and staffing services.


We service healthcare companies by providing critical skills within a broad portfolio of products and service areas used in diagnosis, treatment, and patient monitoring.


We have partnered and successfully supported staffing initiatives for major telecom carriers, device and equipment manufacturers in mobile communications.

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