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How To Attract Great Talent In 2022

Key Points:

  • Hiring great talent starts with creating a mutually beneficial environment. It’s what the employee can do for your company and what you can do for the employee.
  • The pandemic altered what candidates are looking for, and companies have to keep up to maintain and attract great talent.
  • There are four ways to attract and maintain great talent: offering flexibility, creating a positive work culture, providing job growth opportunities, and hiring quality.

2022 Employment Landscape

Over sixty million Americans quit their job during the pandemic making a milestone known as the Great Resignation. However, this trend surpassed America, spreading worldwide to other developed countries and ultimately changing the employee mindset. As the pandemic gave various obstacles, many took the time to evaluate their mental health and happiness, starting with where many spend a majority of their time – work. Employees assessed whether their employment positively or negatively impacted their lives and what their next steps could be to align.

As employees started their resignations, many employers wondered how they could attract talent and retain their best employees. Below are four ways to attract and maintain great talent in the workplace.

Top 4 Ways To Attract Great Talent:

Offer Flexibility

During the pandemic, employees evaluated whether their employers trusted them and if they cared for their well-being. Individuals had many variables to consider, including their health, job stability, unpredictable family care, etc. So, the companies that delayed remote work were considered by many to be more concerned with profits than their employees. The mentality that employees can’t work from home is in the past. Many employers found that their employees productivity increased while working from home, so they are now offering hybrid work schedules. Depending on your industry, consider offering flexible remote working environments to help cater to when your employees are most productive.

Create A Positive Work Culture

According to Gallup, 42% of people quit their jobs based on how they felt about their boss or the company’s culture. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; however, many companies haven’t invested in human resources and people management skills. To start, invest in wellness benefits for your employees, and if your company hasn’t already, promote diversity and inclusion. Look to third-party consultations specializing in improving company culture and workplace to help find ways to create a positive work culture.

Provide Job Growth Opportunities

Additionally, Gallup found that workers tend to have low engagement in their careers when they don’t feel valued. Looking for opportunities within the company for team members to grow shows the company values their hard work. Other ways of showing your appreciation for your employees’ hard work include quality benefits, pay increases, certification programs, etc.

Shift Mindset To Quality Hiring 

When hiring new employees, are you evaluating the goals and expectations of the specific role? High turnover often comes when expectations and goals aren’t communicated and understood, and unfortunately, high turnover negatively impacts the company’s culture overall. Shifting the mindset to finding quality hires involves assessing what the potential candidates can do for your company and what you can do for the candidate. Hiring the right person is a matchmaking opportunity and evaluating if it’s long term.

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