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GCC Trends in India and Their Growing Importance in the Post-Pandemic Era

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) were once considered as the pioneers in India whenever it is a matter of cost reduction or operational excellence. However, they have now got a greater role to play after the pandemic because of the way businesses operate and employees function; as they all have now changed drastically. Most importantly, the clients around the world (be it from China to USA or from Russia to South Africa) are in need of end-to-end solutions. The kind of standards maintained by top MNCs like Microsoft and IBM have to be taken into consideration in this regard. Perhaps, every department in an organization like Production, Manufacturing, Operations, Accounting, Human Resources, Training and more look forward to work specialization where the role of GCCs matters the most.

Q & A Session – GCC Trends in India

Q1. Are GCCs the future with every major MNC focusing on its setup in India?

Indeed. With the post-pandemic era being instrumental to the growth of a GCC, top MNCs around the world are increasingly showing interest in the setting up of one. There are several reasons for them to consider such as operational ease, enhanced efficiency, and improved productivity to name a few.

Q2. What is the role of a developing nation like India towards GCC?

India is the first country to realize the true potential of GCCs in the changing times. However, it is customary than anything else for organizations to consider the Asian country, that competes with the likes of China, as their ideal destination. The ready availability of workforce and the instant access to infrastructure are the vital reasons behind.

Q3. How is the growth curve for GCC in the current scenario?

A. Exceptional, so far. The GCCs have come to such a stage that they start representing their parent organizations irrespective of the geographic presence. This approach will not subside but will only increase in the coming future.

As per a NASSCOM report, GCCs will account for a global revenue of $60-85 billion by 2026.  

Q4. Is there any criterion when selecting a target industry or target profile is considered?

A. Recruitment trends keep changing, especially in the IT industry. It all depends upon the client requirements and evolving technologies. For example, the current trends indicate that there is a huge demand for workforce in industries like Travel, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, and Gaming, which may or may not be the same during the next financial year.

Emphasizing enough on the fact that GCCs are going to be the breeding grounds for talent in the coming future, there is no exaggeration in accepting that these centers will be related directly to product innovation, talent management, cultural evolution and many more.

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