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How Candidate Sourcing Can Increase Your Business Productivity

Candidate Sourcing not only helps in securing the right talent but also helps in increasing business productivity. Most of the businesses, especially in the IT, Technology, BFSI and Healthcare segments, need to maintain a talent pipeline because of high attrition rates. It is possible only when quality candidates are sourced on time to supplement the growing demand of eligible candidates whenever required. Though developed nations like the US and England, and the ones in Europe are well equipped to tackle such a situation, the situation is not the same back home. Indian companies are getting to realize that sourcing candidates in an organized manner not only leads to effective project management but also results in optimized business productivity.

Reflecting the effects of candidates’ sourcing upon the key departments of an organization, the productivity levels can be increased extensively, paving way for further expansion financially as well as operationally.

Business Productivity Increase

  • by Department

Though the productivity levels are set to increase in multiple ways, the below depiction summarizes the same in terms of Key Result Areas (KRAs).

KRA: Operations


  • Faster project completion with timely management even if there are multiple projects to be handled.
  • Instant resource availability with matching profiles of existing project members who may leave a project in the midst for some reason.

KRA: Management


  • Better employer branding with each candidate sourced after careful assessment and detailed screening.
  • Strategic objective achievement as the long-term business goals met as per the original growth projection.

KRA: Human Resources


  • Improved hiring quality with experienced candidates available who can save efforts of the HR team.
  • Reduced hiring costs as the right candidates are sourced after detailed assessments by the recruitment teams.

  • by Industry

The impact of proper candidate sourcing has been a huge impact on organizations no matter which industry is taken as a reference.

Spectraforce iRecruit and The Road Ahead for Organizations

Spectraforce iRecruit offers an ideal sourcing mechanism through its offering, iRecruit Lite, that helps organizations in bringing down their recruitment costs.

iRecruit Lite from SPECTRAFORCE

  • Relies on its dedicated Candidate Sourcing Team on one side who are capable of sourcing any number of quality profiles at any time and for any requirement.
  • Backed by the AI-powered sourcing tool called Arya AI based on the Cognitive Engagement Model (CEM).

It is because of the exhibition of extremely confident capabilities that organizations take a vested interest in the services offered by Spectraforce through its iRecruit process. Though building a talent pipeline is something that an organization benefits from a strategic perspective through its association with one of the fast-emerging recruitment firms in India, it is also because of the kind of candidates sourced such as those who are interested and readily available as well that makes the ultimate difference.

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