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How to do Candidate Sourcing without Job Portals

Candidate sourcing has gone dynamic in a chaotic market where technologies are evolving ever. Though there are conventional go-to options like dedicated job portal such as Naukri and Indeed and/or social media platforms like LinkedIn and Meta, the options to be preferred in this regard are those that are powered by feature-rich tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Behavioral Analytics, HRMS, and so on. However, it is because of the lack of awareness, time or even both, that even established companies seek solace in a job portal.

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Based on the above checklist, you can prioritize your sourcing requirements better. This organized approach will not only save you time and money, but also motivates your current workforce to give out their best with the quality of new candidates being hired by each passing day getting only better.

In this blog, you will learn about:

  • Candidate Sourcing – An Overview
  • Cost-Effective Options of Sourcing Best Candidates without Job Portals (Preferred Options to consider -Internal Database | Employee Network | Recruitment Agency)

Candidate Sourcing – An Overview

The process of sourcing candidates can be structured and quickened with the application of Artificial Intelligence to the sourcing process. Irrespective of the platform chosen or the mechanism considered, the eventual goal is to be met are

  • Address the issue of too many resumes in too little time
  • Create a robust talent pipeline for the future

Here are the available options to consider that not only save you time and money but also help in getting genuinely interested and experienced candidates.

Cost-Effective Options of Sourcing Candidates without Job Portals

  • Internal Database

Believe it or not! The first step for any organization to source a candidate without relying on a job portal is to focus on its internal database. Whether it is ATS, HRMS or any other tool, there is nothing to lose in reengaging with a candidate who has missed out on a previous opportunity to work with you for some reason. Besides bringing in greater cultural compatibility, your internal database helps you in engaging with employees who worked for you in the past in a similar domain or technology. However, an internal database is not the right solution at all times.

  • Employee Network

Never underestimate the power of references. Perhaps, you could close a position immediately by sourcing a candidate from one of your employees’ networks instead of a job board. Improved candidate response rate and automatic candidate recommendation against a position are some of the benefits you get.  Announce an Employee Referral Plan outlining what your latest position requirements are and how you are going to reward an employee in case his/her referral gets selected in the organization.

  • Recruitment Agency

Source a candidate with the help of a recruitment agency. The biggest advantage you get is that you pay much less than you pay for a job portal. Comparatively, the quality and the number of profiles you receive would be far better and more than you would get from your job postings over a portal. By interacting with the recruiters from the recruitment agency you prefer, it is possible to get more quality profiles within a short period of time.

The USP of a recruitment firm is its operational approach through which it performs all the hiring activities on behalf of an organization.  Instead of spending huge sums of money on multiple job boards, I suggest companies spend their money smartly by partnering with a recruitment firm. Sharing the requirements is the only activity that a company has got all to do, which results in getting access to best the candidate profiles in return from the industry.

Madhu Modugu, COO, Spectraforce iRecruit

  • Social Media

Publish a post on social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Meta. The benefits any organization would get in this regard are umpteen. Firstly, recruiters can quickly find candidates with just one tool instead of posting and waiting on multiple job boards. You need to keep your followers posted there and increase the number of new followers as well. Remember that you require regular interactions with the candidates there as it will increase your reputation and offer increased online visibility as well.

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